God lives everywhere, but it feels like right now this is where I’m finding God in myself. Every day I slow down a little more and connect a little more with some of the simplest things in life: food and where it comes from; nature and how spending time in it feeds the deep parts of my humanity; friends and the support, laughter, lessons and depth they bring into my life.

I’m shooting photos on my dad’s old Pentax k1000, which is a fully manual film camera from the 70’s (or thereabouts). It was a gift and I am loving the slowed down satisfaction of taking photos I will only see days or weeks later. Somehow the physicality and grain of the film help me to remember that life is not polished, photoshopped, plastic or shallow. It’s gritty, perfect in it’s imperfections and worth appreciating in every moment.

I’ve also started writing by hand again with a blue fountain pen in a beautiful little journal. I’m hoping to scan in some pages soon so I can upload my unedited thoughts and experiences.

In the meantime, here are some photos which I’ve had developed and scanned in so far. I started in San Francisco, then visited with Anna in Santa Cruz and am now on a farm in NE California. The photos are loosely chronological:

Here are some random quotes from my journal:

Sat in an American fire escape, just like Hollywood taught me about.

Damn, I had something clever to say but I’ve forgotten it now.

Coconut water tastes like Karma Sutra performed by angels.

Sleeping in a caravan with crickets chirping outside and possible mountain lions in the area.

Across the little valley outside my window the sun is pouring itself, like golden honey, into the world. All I can hear is a bird chirping and a sprinkler watering a field to keep the grass green for the fussy sheep, who apparently won’t eat brown grass.

A Haiku written by Amie:

white coconut flesh
still pools & rushing waters
picnics on the shore

Which inspired me to write a bunch of Haikus (I’m now addicted to them) >

phantoms of the past
dance ever fainter footprints
in our memories

warm and snuggled in
my down-filled sleeping bag and
drifting into dreams

here on Amie’s farm
sunlight, crickets, butterflies
the wind sighs gently

stillness in a tent
a day well passed in green fields
soul and self align

the wind rests itself
just now a gentle gust blows
dry grass nods its head

Ok, that’s all for now:)

Big love, how are you doing? I’d love to hear your stories:).

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