There has been so much support pouring in over the last few days and we’ve decided to run an awesome competition! This idea was suggested by my friend Shannon Mclaughlin (all around awesome lady). This is going to be so much FUN!!

We’re running a competition!

Details below pasted from quicket (online service we’re selling the tickets through)
also, here’s the event on facebook:

To buy tickets online visit

Nate Maingard is an indie/folk singer-songwriter based in Cape Town. He’s played some of the country’s finest festivals, released two critically acclaimed albums and is heading overseas in August. As one reviewer said of him in her recent four star review, “Maingard writes protest songs for lovers and love songs for rebels.”

Before he goes…

Check out this AWESOME first prize!
> A private show with Nate Maingard for you and twenty friends, at your home anywhere in the Cape Town area.
> Free pizzas provided by Earthshine ( for the event.
> Professional photographer taking photos of the evening (thanks to the awesome Fiona Hare).
> A package including Nate’s first album The Wild Land and his new album Home (both signed), plus four awesome stickers designed by Terri Hutchings!
> Last, but so not least, we will make you home-made and totally delicious gluhwein to keep us all toasty.

Second prize:
> This will include the package of both The Wild Land and Home plus stickers!

Third prize:
> Album of your choice, either The Wild Land or Home.

Once the competition closes we will print out all the names and Nate will draw the winners from a hat (he has very cool hats thanks to Lila Richter and The Little Hattery). 

Tickets are limited to 550, so the odds of winning are pretty high! Plus, we will be donating 10% of the takings to a worthy charity. Goodness all around, yay!

The show will be sometime between 13 July and 07 August (which is when Nate flies overseas), depending on when both Nate and the winner have time:).

If you don’t live in Cape Town, don’t let that stop you! If you win, you could always give the first prize as a gift to a Cape Town friend! Plus, you never know, you may win a few CD’s and stickers!

Nate’s website: (

Enjoy, thank you for entering and we wish you the best of luck!
The ”Win A Musician For a Night’ Competition” team!

*Thanks to Shannon Mclaughlin for the idea (*

Tickets available here:

So guys, this is your chance to enter, just CLICK HERE to do so!

Remember, even if you’re not in Cape Town, it’s worth entering as you could win CD’s plus give the gift of first prize to a Cape Town friend if you win! Awesomeness!

I’m playing my first show at Grahamstown today, it’s free entry for the first show, so wish me luck and let’s hope this is the springboard into an incredible festival! I have a really good feeling about this, oh YEAH!

Huge huge love and gratitude to you lovely beautiful people!
Yours in music

PS: CLICK HERE NOW to enter the competition or CLICK HERE to see it on facebook!

PPS: If you would like to help, then please visit the competition page by CLICKING HERE and share it with your friends on facebook, twitter, etc. Also, forward this email to all your friends too! Thank you:)

PPPS: If you have friends in the press, send it to them please:)

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