The new album is recorded! Two nights spent in Howard Butcher’s studio with live audiences have been a great success and we are now working on finalizing the tracks (to know more about the recording, read this blog post).

This is where you come in

The album already has 11 new songs (!) for your listening pleasure (and they are sounding so so soooooo incredible, my excitement knows no bounds), but I also played and recorded four songs which are on my first album The Wild Land. What I wanted to know is this: do you think I should include the four songs in the album or exclude them based on the fact that they were on my last album?

The four tracks are:

  • Cat’s Got Time
  • Fire
  • I Will Devour
  • Just Like You

My opinion is that the tracks have grown in the year since I recorded them and I would love for them to be heard in the way I play them now. I understand though, that anyone who is already a fan of my first album might be frustrated by having tracks they already know appear again.

So, please do give your opinion by answering the poll to let me know what you think. As always, feel free to comment on and share this to your heart’s content!

More to follow soon about the recording and album name, yay!


PS: here is a quick sneak peak photo of the in-studio set-up, compliments of the amazing Kevin Factor

Nate Maingard, Marc Maingard and Lucinda Mangard performing Home
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a photo of my dad, my sister and me performing my song Home for the new album

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