The clock’s minutes ticked inexorably onwards and still people hadn’t arrived. I began to panic…all the self-doubt began bubbling: ‘no-one’s coming’; ‘my music sucks, there’ll be no-one here to listen’; etc etc etc…it wasn’t fun.

And then, standing in the warm still day chatting with one of my best friends, she put it all into perspective just by being there and offering her support. I went off by myself and found a patch of sunlight, took off my shirt and did some deep breathing and stretches. I could feel the darkness lifting. I realized it wasn’t about how many people were at the gig, it was about aknowledging that everything was perfect and exactly as it needed to be. My attitude affected my experience and suddenly I felt ok.

As it turns out, we had a great turnout (Cape Town people’s usual tardiness was in full swing, three girls arrived after I’d finished, naming no names, heh). I shared the stage with the incredible bassist Wilbert Van Niekerk (Wilbert of no church, as he says) and it was incredible to have such a wonderful musician up there beside me.

We had sunshine and calm, laughter and kids, food and music. It was heavenly.

SO much thanks goes to the wonderful people who came and shared the beauty of the day with us, thank you thank you thank you!

Also thanks to Londi Gamedze for opening up with her delightful folk tunes! And terri of Soult Design for the breathtaking posters and merch design (more about that in another post).

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