Busking on the streets of London

On this crazy adventure called life, I have had a pretty DIY approach to the whole thing.

No degree, half a photography course, busking, worked in bars, smoothie maker and learned lots of -seemingly- random things through trial and error…which has meant many painful mistakes and depressed stints hiding in bed.

Somehow I finally committed to my dream of being a modern troubadour, began living a nomadic life and dedicated myself to sharing my heart songs with all who choose to hear.

Most recently, I have gathered a wonderfully supportive global tribe of -at the time of writing- 130 patrons known as The Nateives, who support me every month by pledging tiny (or large) amounts of money so I can keep making art.

Giving Back:

I feel I can now offer value to those of you who are journeying to become truly yourselves, committed to living your passions and wanting to offer something of value to the world.

Last year I was invited by Tommy Darker to speak at Darker Music Talks in London (thanks Tommy, I love ya man). The response was so positive that it inspired me to keep educating, sharing with and learning from passionate people!

Speaking in 2014 at Darker Music Talks in London, about growing my tribe

Speaking at Darker Music Talks, about growing my tribe.


I am aware that I have limited time in my days, as I am still a professional indie musician…so I’ve been imagining ways I can offer support while not overwhelming myself.

The solution I have come up with for now is that anyone signed up as a Nomad Nateive or up ($25+) will have access to skype me for 30 minutes, twice a month, and I will make myself available, within reason, via email on a one-to-one basis (this is limited to twenty people, and only nine spots are left).

To become a mentoree (is that even a word?), sign up on patreon and let me know in a message that you want me to mentor you.

With all the love, yours in service
Your troubadour

PS: you can sign up as a patron even if you just want to support my art and don’t need mentoring, check it out:

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