As the heat flew emphatically up from the baking streets, the crowd began to gather and mumble, as crowds tend to do. Excitement was the flavour in the air and Marc Maingard was the man preparing to step up onto the stage.

As well as being one of the top hand-made guitar makers on planet Earth, my dad is also an incredible musician and he launched his double albums Swing Chair and From The Heart at The Alma Cafe on Wed 18 Jan (which also happened to be my lady’s birthday, I spent the day on the beach and eating lunch with her family, what a perfect pre-cherry on top).

Anyway, I got distracted and trapped in the bracket of joy back there…moving on, these photos were taken by the awesome Danielle, for which I shall be eternally grateful…thank you!

The evening was incredible, touching, funny, awkward, entertaining, happy and sad, everything a good night of folk music should be. My dad was stoked and so was I, especially when I got to perform my new song Home with my dad playing harmonica and my sister Lucinda singing harmonies…it was AWESOME!

Here’s a video of me playing my song Home by myself, for now you’l have to imagine the female vocals and harmonica;)

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