Who Designs for an Indie/Folk Singer-Songwriter

People have been commenting a lot on the awesome posters I have put up around Cape Town and on my tours over the last few months, and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the mastermind behind it all: Terri of Soult Design ([email protected]).

Her work is second to none and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing ANY design work done at all: Terri is delightfully versatile, imaginatively creative, reliably timeous and professional.

Some Gig Poster Designs Terri created for me in 2011:

Soult Designes Gig Poster For Nate
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the first gig poster Terri designed for me was a show at the Cape Farmhouse, it blew me away. Incorporating ideas from the lyrics of my song The Wild Land, which she used in the speech bubble.

Poster of Nate Maingard's 2011 National Tour
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an interesting idea, we tried this one with a photo and in landscape. It worked...Thanks to Bruce Horak for the great photo!

Live Show Poster By Terri Hutchings
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an incredible poster for a live show I played with Shotgun Tori, this one incorporates the ocean theme of Octopus' Garden Restaurant where the gig was held.

Thank you Terri for your awesomeness, without you my world would have many less colours and beautiful things!

Email Terri of Soult Design here: [email protected].

PS: I am making flyers out of the first poster, check below to see what that looks like, I’m very stoked with it!

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