Grahamstown Festival has been a success for me on EVERY level!

To date I have sold over fifty albums and my last show was an almost full house, ending in a standing ovation. The response from people has been hugely positive and incredibly humbling. Truly, I didn’t imagine that I would have such a massive positive response to everything I’m doing; from my music, to the person I am. It’s all happening and I am grateful!

Today I purchased the Cue Newspaper, which is a daily newspaper running during the festival. I was interviewed yesterday by an awesome guy named Matthew, who is a student reporter for the paper, and I thought perhaps they’d have a little something in there about me. This is what I found:

Nate Maingard interview in Cue Magazine
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CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGER (Story by Matthew de Klerk, Photo by Jonathan Jones)

As I’m sure you can imagine, I AM STOKED…and then I found THIS:

Singing For Soup Article in Cue Magazine
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CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE (Story by Matthew de Klerk)

Can’t believe it, two articles in ONE newspaper on the same day! SO STOKED!

HUGE thanks to Emma Jackson for connecting me with Matthew and to Matthew for writing such an insanely cool article on what I’m up to!

Already amped for next year’s Grahamstown Festival, YEAH!

Huge love, thank you for all of your amazing support, it means everything:).
With love

PS: Woke up feeling flu-ish this morning so have made myself the bestest vitamin C super smoothie EVER and wanted to share it with you! Thanks to Soaring Free Superfoods as always for the incredible food they bring into this country!

I give you Nate’s Super C Booster Smoothie:
2x bananas
1x Orange, peeled and cut up to blend
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
small handful goji berries
2 heaped teaspoons of Camu Camu (highest vitamin C food known to man)
Water to cover everything



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