If you told me on this date four years ago that today I would be a successful modern troubadour supported by a global community of patrons…well I’d probably have given you a skew look or two, to say the least. The only reason I’m here today is because there are people in this world who have gifted me with their support.

Here’s the gift I want today:

I invite you to offer a tiny gift of action, just one small step supporting something you love or want to exist more in this world. This can take the form of a message of kindness and support to a loved one, becoming a $1 patron of an artist, going for a walk in nature, writing the first word of your book, or whatever calls to you. Offer the gift of You to the world, offer service to a friend, support an artist, hug a loved one. That one tiny action has more impact that you might imagine.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
– Lao Tzu –

The most common thing patrons say to me when first signing up is, “I wish I could give more.”
What I tell them is that the fact that they’re choosing to give WHAT THEY CAN is exactly as valuable to me as someone who has the financial ability to give more. The action itself is the value, not the amount.

So, please take action now, as now is really the only time you have. Your action has value and it means something so precious to the person or people it impacts. If you desire, please leave your action in the comments so we can all share the joy, yay!

– When you look closer, it is single steps which make up every journey –

Thank you for existing, Happy Lifeday!
Your Troubadour

PS: my deepest thanks to the 125 people around the world who are my every day Lifeday gifts by supporting my art on Patreon.

PPS: this song is about exactly what I’m talking about, so go on, be a #starfishsuperhero today and every day.

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