Seven am and the sun was rising. I rolled out of bed at six thirty excited for the day ahead. Bruce Horak was coming over to spend the day taking photos. I’d only met Bruce once or twice before but had felt an instantaneous linking and understanding, like our deep selves looked at one another and said ‘yes’. Does that happen to you sometimes?

The observant among you may have noticed one of these photos popping up on certain of my social networks over the weekend…I wanted it to be a complete surprise but I couldn’t resist putting one up, they are so beautiful.

Anyway, Bruce arrived and we had a delicious superfood smoothie filled with all my favourite high vibration foods like maca, cacao, goji berries, lucuma, nuts, dates and bananas. Got us pretty amped I can tell ya!

Anyway, to keep it brief we spent the next almost twelve hours, as Bruce put it so well, “Getting to know one another, hanging out and taking some photos in between.”

The result is some of the finest images I have ever had taken of me. Bruce’s skills and passionate patience and warmth reached into me and -I feel- captured a deep essence. He exceeded my expectations of what we could accomplish and I am eternally grateful. If you want to get in touch with Bruce for photographic work email him: [email protected]

Thank you Bruce!

PS: huge thanks to Lila Richter, who made the fantastic hat which features in some of the photos. Lila is a professional milliner, which is someone who makes and sells hats! Be warned, once you start wearing her hats it is extremely addictive and hard to stop. Check her website out at your own risk, although her goods are very fairly priced:).

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