You may be one of those people who wonders why I ask for your support on my Patreon page. Perhaps you wonder, “Why does he, an artist, deserve to be paid money every month…just to make art?”

Well, I wanted to share this with you, a testimonial from one of my first, and still pledging, patrons, an incredible woman named Eli.

“You came into my life when I really needed to feel like someone understood and that I could make a difference, that I mattered. Your music grasped hold of my heart and gently taught it not to be afraid anymore. It raised my soul, and led it out of the dark little corner it had been occupying for so long. I laughed and cried at your music, and I FELT, felt things I’d been unable or unwilling to feel in a long time. You helped me realise that the advice I’ve spent years giving other people (“you deserve the absolute best”, “it’s okay to be different”) actually applied to me too. I genuinely believe, hand on my heart, that you and your music have had a direct impact in making me happier and more excited about life.”

My art has a real impact in peoples’ lives, and it has a value for the human heart and soul. So yes, I do ask, because that is how I let you know that your support is a necessary part of my success as an artist.

There have been several times over the years when people have told me I should ‘get a real job’, ‘stop begging’, etc. Here’s the thing:
1. I have a real job, it’s called being an artist and
2. the definition of begging is to ‘ask someone earnestly or humbly for something,’ so yes, I beg, because I believe that my job has value, and yet I know that it’s a job which requires me to humble myself enough to ask for support, and so I ask.

If you can afford $1 a month, and you value what my art brings you, then please, I earnestly and humbly beg you, support it now:

I love you all, thank you for this amazing journey, yay!
Nate Maingard

PS: Eli, thank you with all my heart, my dear friend and Nateive, you were one of the first, and you have been with me every step of the way. I learn from you in more ways than you know.

PPS: share share share, this is the revolution, community supported art is awesome!!!!

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