I didn’t know until today that a heart could break from joy, and it’s the best thing in the world, a total overflow of all the awesomeness in the world, breaking free at once (the video will show you what I mean).

Brief backstory: I’m blessed to be supported by a global community of patrons, known as The Nateives. They already give me so much by choosing to support my art financially on Patreon, so it was a HUGE surprise to receive this special birthday gift from Eli Payne, which turned out to be MUCH more than I ever could have imagined (it was my bday a few weeks ago, but the gift took a while to get to S. Africa, where I am right now)!

Eli had asked for one favour when I received the gift: that I filmed myself unwrapping it. I now understand why, haha. Thanks to my dad for filming what turned out to be a highly emotional experience!

I don’t really have words to encompass what this made me feel, so I hope the video shows what I feel about it clearly :). Thank you, you know who you are.

Love and light
Your troubadour

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