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I’m leaving Durban tomorrow, back on the road to home. All the gigs have been played, the parties have been had, the people have been hugged. Now it’s just the calm, the settling, the cleaning of the car and the repacking. I wrote a song while I was here. It’s about a girl, and it feels so good to play. I’ll play it for you soon, someday.

I received a message today from a woman who said her daughter is my biggest fan, she knows all the words to the songs on my album and she says “Mom, his songs have such meaning!”
She is eleven years old. I cried a little when I read the message because there is nothing more beautiful I could hope for than for what I’m singing about to be understood and related to by an eleven year old girl.

Cape Town beckons like a lovely magnet over the ever elusive, shifting horizon, spinning me closer to the softness of home. Feel free to check out all the shows I’m playing¬†on the way back, some very fun ones lined up for the journey down!

Lastly, some thank you’s. I want to thank Melanie of the Bean Green Coffee Roastery for putting me up here in Durban and for hosting such amazing gigs at her venue. You are an amazing friend Mel, I appreciate you and your couch so much! Thanks also to Lars, Mel’s housemate, for being so chilled about the dude on the couch. Thanks to Iain of theBOMBsurf for his endless support and feedback. Thanks to Thomas Krane, Josie Field, Asleep in Transit and Farryl Purkiss for sharing stages with me, you all inspire me with you music and your existence. There are so many individual people I would still like to thank but you know who you are:). A final THANK YOU to every single person who came out to the shows, for your attention and your depth and the way you shared the experiences with me so fully. I can’t wait to return to Durban again soon (probably very soon as I’m playing a brand new festival called Drake Fest in KZN on 17th December, definitely check that one out).

So my friends, the road leads ever onwards. Goodbye for now to the north, hello to the south…and everything in between.

“The traveller is the journey, what you see is not what you see…but who you really are”

PS: here’s a video interview by the awesome Helge Janssen, who also gets a huge thanks for being such a solid support!