Beautiful photos from my homecoming show in Cape Town

The show that nearly didn’t happen turned out to be the best welcome home concert I could ever have hoped for! These photos tell an amazing story, thanks to my cousin Tatyana Levana, who was there to photograph the whole thing. What follows are some lovely collages telling the story of the night, created by her (PS: check her out she’s amazeballs). THANKS CUZ!

Quick note: The show went so well I’ve booked another, an amazing collaboration with one of my favourite drummers, details right here.

Tony and Nate hugging
Guests arriving included some friends I hadn’t seen for years. Here is the super magical Tony, who is a massive inspiration to me.
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The room filling up, yaaaay!


A room filled with beautiful folk
And the show begins to a room filled with beautiful folk!


The show is getting rolling. My first ever experience with a mic'd up ukulele! Love these beautiful faces.
The show is getting rolling. This was my first ever experience with a mic’d up ukulele! Love these beautiful faces, sharing the moment with me.
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Sometimes there is pain.
This is a song about broken hearts…can you tell? Really getting into the music now :D.
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Completely found in the moment.
Not lost, but rather found in the moment.
After the show, signing home-made cd’s, sharing hugs. All glowing from the shared experience.
Emotional moments
Emotional moments, much joy shared and many tears shed. Life is worth living deeply.


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Thank you to you who were there, you lifted me upon rolling waves of your love!

This could only happen thanks to your support, so THANK YOU for supporting this vulnerable, heartfelt troubadour called Nate ;).

Thank you to Nina and City Soiree for organising things in the background and to Paul and everyone at Slow Life for providing SUCH an epic venue!

Thank you to everyone else who was a part of making it happen, you know who you are.

Love to you all!
Your troubadour


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