Why Last Night Was Incredible on Every Level!

Just after my show last night I posted that tweet. I played my last show at this year’s official Grahamstown’s Fringe Festival and it was INCREDIBLE! An almost full house, everyone singing along and to end, a standing ovation!!! I was almost in tears, which I don’t think anyone knew, hehe.

That’s not all that was amazing about last night. I also had the incredible Guy Buttery join me on stage for a cover rendition of John Lennon’s Working Class Hero. It was sublime to play with a man who is becoming one of my dearest friends. I couldn’t ask to be on stage with a more powerful and subtle musician!

Again, THAT’S NOT ALL! My friend Tim Hutchinson ALSO joined me for a few songs and his incredibly sensitive harmonies and impeccable saxophone playing added layers of magical energy which we danced with on the stage to the delight of all present.

The audience was sublime, SO available to get into the feelings and move with the songs. We all sang I Will Devour together, and there were incredible harmonies, counterpoints and energies flowing. It was insane, I literally felt like I was not in control anymore, but that we were all creating it together!

To top it all off, after the STANDING OVATION (aaaaaaaaaah!!!) I did an encore and invited Tim and Guy back up on stage for a crazy blues jam. The whole crowd was clapping and whistling and we were jamming hard and suddenly up onto the stage leapt this gorgeous black woman who started singing into the mic, and she was amazing!!!

It was an incredible, fantastic ending to my first experience at Grahamstown National Arts Festival. I will never forget it, ever!

I’m playing one more show tonight at the Sound Kiln Festival, which is on a little farm just at the edge of Grahamstown, event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/471840106163860/.

Then it’s off to East London for another show at Murambi Country Kitchen, which is such a lovely venue! Really looking forward to this too! Once that’s done, back to Cape Town for my last round of shows before I leave South Africa!

What a success, thanks for being a part of it!
With love

PS: Oh yes, and I’ve sold almost fifty albums in the time I’ve been at Grahamstown:)

PPS: I have set up an events page for my last show in South Africa, click the pic below to check it out:

  • Cara

    Congratulations Nate!! How very exciting and confirming for you! Wishing you even more of the best on your journey!

    • Cara, thank you so much for the message, ja it was such an incredible experience, I can’t begin to describe!!! Woweeeee, still high from it:)

  • birdiemaritz

    Sounds incredible Nate..so happy for you 🙂

    • Thank you thank you!!! I’m happy for me too, so there’s a whole lot of happiness going around, hehe 😉 !

  • Jess Ellis

    Amazing Nate! I had goosebumps reading this…so happy for you. All this could not be happening to anyone more deserving. What a send off South Africa has given you over the past few months! x

    • Yaaay Jess, goosebumps are IN! I had goosebumps so much at that show, while I was playing :). That’s when you KNOW it’s real, hehe :D. Much love to you, and to the family! xx

  • valerie

    and the video version: http://youtu.be/SzRmedEFmXw

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