How Grahamstown Festival Is Going

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If you don’t have time, just read this:

Grahamstown Festival IS AMAZING!

Ok, bye now person in a rush…read on you Cat’s who’ve Got Time;).

Here are some pics, which are all off my phone, haven’t really been in the right space for wandering around with my lovely big camera:).

On all levels I am having an incredible time. People are coming to my shows (and singing and clapping and vibing along), albums are selling (sold 12 after my last gig alone), my health is great, I’m meeting SUCH lovely human beings, I have a warm double bed and I have seen a few incredible shows!

What more could one want? “Other musicians to play with,” you say? Well, that’s happening too! My show at 3pm today at The Graham Hotel has some surprise guests arriving…here’s a hint of a taste: jazz violinist, jazz saxophonist and incredibly beautiful male backing vocals. Sound lovely? Oh hell YES!

Alright, time to go make my morning Yerba Maté (incredible South Amercian herbal drink, check it out for a super healthy and delicious replacement to coffee) and then have my morning superfood smoothie.

Yes, life is good!

Big love
(also tweeting live from Grahamstown, @natemaingard)

PS: don’t forget to enter this competition asap!

PPS: oh yes, I also released a free digital EP which has some of the songs I recorded at my live album recording for Home. They’re songs from The Wild Land, played live…and I think they sound awesome. CLICK HERE to download your copy:)

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  • Rene

    Thanks so much Nate for always sharing your experiences with your fans…you write so beautifully and it’s such a pleasure to read!!! Happy you had such an awesome time!


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