Views From The Road, Update #3

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Touring photograph

on the road from Hogsback to Port St. Johns. It stretches ever onwards into the mystery of distance

The gig at Away With The Fairies last night went very well, there was a beautiful audience filled with old friends, new friends and even a family member (more on that another time). Special thanks to Crystal for being my biggest fan EVER, happy bday for Thursday!

I am now at Amapondo Backpackers in Port St. Johns, where I will be for three nights. Playing a gig here tonight and on Wed at Jungle Monkey Backpackers. It is breathtakingly beautiful here (only so many breathtaking views before I’m all out of breath).

Nothing has changed, except that I have settled into Now and am letting the future deal with itself. I received SO may emails, comments and messages from all of you with quotes, advice and words of wisdom. Thank you all so very much for believing in me and supporting, not what I do, but who I am. It means the world and makes a huge difference. Thank you!

Live music in Grahamstown

jamming to a small but enthusiastic crowd in Grahamstown a few nights ago


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  • marcM

    “when you feel yourself a flying over hills and clear blue skies, and the top of them just seems so far away” . Fits perfectly.Niiiiiice clear picture.

    • Nate Maingard



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