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  • Sofar Sounds "Nate Maingard is one hell of a performer.
    Friendly, warm, full of passion and stories,
    he brings you in and takes you on a journey
    that you won't soon forget."
    ~Rafe Offer (founder)




"Nate Maingard is one hell of a performer. Friendly, warm, full of passion and stories, he brings you in and takes you on a journey that you won't soon forget. Nate's songs and voice are fresh and yet represent the kind of well crafted, soaring sounds that will never go out of style." RAFE OFFER (SOFAR SOUNDS)


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  • Nate Maingard is looking for a manager

    I’m expanding my team of 1 and bringing a manager/friend/partner/YOU on board this musical gypsy wagon. First, READ THIS AMAZING ARTICLE BY AMANDA PALMER. If you get it, then come back and continue reading :). Because what I do is not following the standard music business model, I need someone who can think outside the box and [...]

  • Big news about my direction as a musician

    Breaking my hand was a huge turning point for me…and a clear signal that my internal landscape and external realities have become misaligned. I’ve had some realisations about what I value in the world and I’ve been thinking a lot about Gandhi’s words in the image above. SLOW IT DOWN My songs are all about ‘slowing it [...]

  • Broken hand update and Germany tour cancellation

    This is definitely not an easy post to write. In fact, I’m not even writing it, I’m dictating it to my computer (isn’t technology incredible), because typing with one hand is much less fun than one might expect. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I won’t be playing any guitar for some time. At [...]

  • First official music video (plus how many amazing things can happen in one day)

    OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO! Thanks to my manager Lisa, I was entered into a contest to win a free music video shoot from Dash Video…and I won! We shot a few weeks ago, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in London, at inSpiral Lounge Café and up on Primrose Hill. My good friend Malwina was the leading lady, [...]

  • Blog about an unexpectedly powerful show I played in Camden

    What happens when I have no expectations: I connected with Alex somewhere in the jungle that is the online world. We exchanged a few messages and she booked me for a late-notice show at Canalside Bar in Camden. I had no expectations and when I arrived there was one guy there who was waiting to [...]

  • The next step in my musical journey

    Many of you reading this have supported my music in various ways over the years. Some of you have had me sleeping on your couches, others have crowdfunded my albums and many more have attended my shows and purchased my music…and some of us have only just met (hi, I’m Nate, I’m kinda friendly)! Well, the [...]

  • Signing a grandmother’s jeans changed my life

    I had R500 (around $50) to my name, a full tank of gas and a box of brown rice and I hit the road on my first tour as a professional musician. I had been booked to play at the 2011 White Mountain Folk Festival in the Drakensberg (dragon’s mountains), a very magical part of South [...]

  • 5 Reasons You Should Host A House Concert.

    “What is a house concert?” House concerts, living room shows, concerts in your home, Stayin Shows, Sofar Sounds…all names for the same thing: live acoustic music in your home. “Why should I host a house concert?”   1. Simplicity I put this first because people have a strange idea that hosting a house concert is [...]

  • Patreon: The Future Of Independent Art

    I’m so crazy excited to tell you about this! This is a revolution my friends! Patreon is a new online platform allowing you to directly support the art you love on an on-going, non-exclusive basis. I’m running an online show tonight to talk more about Patreon and why I think it’s a revolution. I will also, of [...]

  • The scariest song I’ve ever written

    Some of you have seen the lyrics for my new song go up on my blog over the last few days. What you don’t know from reading them is that this has been the scariest song I’ve ever written, for one very simple reason: In this song I sing in a lot of falsetto (very [...]

  • Rollercoaster emotions and new song lyrics

    A piece of truth.

  • You can help me to get onto this awesome compilation!

    Just a quick post today y’all! I’ve played at three Sofar Sounds secret house concerts and they’re currently deciding the track listing for their second compilation album. You can help by mentioning my name in the comments on this facebook post! Post by Sofar Sounds. This would be a huge help in getting my music [...]


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